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First Look: Astro City Goes to the Dogs
First Look: Astro City Goes to the Dogs
If you’ve ever had a pet that you cared deeply for, you know how magical that relationship can be. Well, in Vertigo’s ASTRO CITY #48, that magic...
Supergirl: Don't Panic!
Supergirl: Don't Panic!
Hey, hey! I’m the Couch Club writer for Arrow, but I was asked to write for this week’s episode of Supergirl. I was a little nervous coming into...
All-New Chance to Win for Batman Fans!
DC BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT #1 Variant Comic Sweepstakes
This is Your Chance to Be Our Grand Prize Winner!For all of the Batman fans out there! This is your chance to bring home a bundle of variant covers...
First Look: Batman and Catwoman Ride Off into the Sunset
Love is in the air! And so is heat. Lots and lots of heat in this exclusive preview of this week’s Batman #33. It was just two weeks ago that Selina...