The Source Week for 4/1

blackestnightaquaad We came, we saw...we blogged? Well, it was an abbreviated week for us, but I'd like to think we came out swinging. Here's a handy recap of what you may have missed or what you may want to click on again.

Check out "Deathtrap Part 1" -- TITANS #12 preview

Well, Jericho's gone nuts. And, as usual, it's up to his former friends in TITANS to clean up the mess. Featuring the artwork of Angel Unzueta and words by Sean McKeever, this issue kicks off a crossover with TEEN TITANS and VIGILANTE. I'm also guessing that having "death" in the name of the crossover does not bode well for our dear Titans. [gallery link="file"]

A day in the life of the BATMAN Group Editor...

image Thursday, March 26, 2009 Computer’s on, the day begins… 45 emails overnight, argh. Start with the easy ones first. No, wait—Executive Editor Dan DiDio is pulling the Bat Group down into his office for an urgent meeting. Topic: BATGIRL.

FLASH: REBIRTH #1 sells out

Well, that was fast. No pun intended. After a day on the stands, the first issue of writer Geoff Johns and artist Ethan Van Sciver's FLASH: REBIRTH mini-series has sold out. But no worries, you still will be able to find a copy if you've been lax in your LCS visits. There are probably a few copies still in stores, and the second printing -- which sports a new Van Sciver cover -- hits on 4/29. Check it:

Enter the wild world of THE WARLORD

Few creators are as synonymous with projects as Mike Grell is with WARLORD. The fantasy saga, which has appeared in many forms over the years, returns in full force this month in a new ongoing series from Grell and artist Joe Prado, featuring all the powerful elements that made the book a hit many times over, continuing the adventures of Tara, Shakira, Tinder and the rest of the classic cast.

A few housekeeping things

Well, it's Day Two here at The Source, in case you were wondering about it all being an expertly crafted April Fool's joke. And, I have to say, we're all pretty blown away by the great response and linkage to the launch.