Cap off the day with some BATMAN CONFIDENTIAL #31

Writer Peter Milligan teams up with R.E.B.E.L.S. artist Andy Clarke to kick off a new five-part arc in the pages of BATMAN CONFIDENTIAL, with an international twist. When a powerful Russian mobster sets his sights on Gotham City, Batman thinks he's ready. But this isn't any ordinary mobster, and he's bringing backup in the form of...a bear? These unexpected foes might just be able to take control of the Gotham underworld – and then the whole city. Can Batman stop them? BATMAN CONFIDENTIAL #31 hits on 7/1. [gallery link="file"]

How about some more Howard Porter MAGOG artwork?

Sure, why not? MAGOG, by writer Kieth Giffen and artist Porter, puts the spotlight on the hardline character as he breaks off into his own ongoing series. And who better to tell the tales of a hero with no limit than Giffen, a writer known for pushing the envelope regularly? And wait, there's art. magog3_23 MAGOG #1 hits in September.

Kick things into high gear with SECRET SIX #11

An Amazon enslaved? The Secret Six face the reality that Artemis, former Wonder Woman, could be trapped by a new enemy with a heart of ice and an entire country at his commant. All this and the return of Mockingbird. What more do you want? Did I mention it's written by Gail SImone and features the lovely art of Nicola Scott? Oh, and we've got a few pages for you to peruse. SECRET SIX #11 hits 7/1. [gallery link="file" columns="4"]