Today’s Superman panel at SDCC

If you were at today’s Superman panel at San Diego Comic-Con, you were treated to a first look into some of the art for the Superman group books in DC Comics-The New 52. But fret not if you weren’t able to attend. We here on The Source have got you covered. Below, take a look at the art from ACTION COMICS, SUPERBOY, SUPERGIRL and SUPERMAN that debuted today:

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“I’m going to outthink the greatest criminal mastermind the universe has ever seen.”

Lost in the speed force, Kid Flash is trapped in a distorted future world. After a startling revelation, Bart Allen realizes he must surrender himself to the criminal mastermind, Braniac. Only then will he be able to manipulate his way back to a point in time that he (at least somewhat) recognizes and seek out his grandfather. But what happens if Braniac catches on to Bart’s plan?

DC Entertainment - SDCC Day One Recap

It doesn't matter if you're returning for your umpteenth visit or a first timer: The first day of the San Diego Comic-Con is sure to get you excited. Seeing so many talented and creative people - both the talent on hand and the people in attendance - in one place is truly a very cool experience.

“You know the world’s gone to hell when it’s up to me to save it.”

After saving the city from a monstrous attack by the Amazons, Hal Jordan has become a hero to the people of Coast City. But his ultimate test is still to come when the President of the United States chooses him for a top-secret mission that will ultimately change the face of history. Does Hal truly have what it takes to step up to the plate and prove himself as an American hero?


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Today at 3:00 pm PST, DC Comics will host a Superman news panel in room Room 6DE, which will provide Comic-Con attendees with a sneak peek at what they can expect to see in September and beyond. To give fans on-site and around the world a chance to follow the news, DC Comics will be live tweeting the news from the @DC_NATION Twitter handle, as well as posting updates to the DC Comics Facebook page.

As Seen at the SDCC Vertigo panel

Vertigo has a plethora of exciting new comic books and graphic novels on the horizon. If you couldn’t make it to the panel or to San Diego Comic Con for that matter, here are some highlights: