Can Diana Prince Save Her Sisters?

As Paradise Island sinks into the sea, Wonder Woman’s investigation leads her to an alien vessel. Once inside, she is confronted by a strange interdimensional being and is forced to perform three great feats in order to save her sisters, who are trapped in a bubble. The catch? She’ll have to shed her Wonder Woman costume and succeed as simply Diana Prince in order to set them free.

The Flash Goes Back In Time To The 1970s

The Flash may be able to save cities from tsunamis and stop criminals in their tracks at the blink of an eye, but he’s just found out that his super-powers come at an incredible cost. And when arch nemesis Gorilla Grodd strikes at the heart of Barry Allen, he’ll use every weapon he can think of against him ... including Barry’s wife.

The New Adventures of the Man of Steel Continue

Over the course of last week, we provided you with a first look at the solicits for the October titles in DC Comics-The New 52. In case you missed it, earlier today THE NEW YORK POST exclusively revealed the cover to ACTION COMICS #1. Below, check out the solicits for the second issues in the Superman group books in DC Comics-The New 52:


Just in time for Halloween, Vertigo will publish an anthology containing nine tales of horror, suspense, and or course, unexpected twists. Written and drawn by both comic industry legends and up-and coming talents including, Dave Gibbons, Brian Wood, Jill Thompson, Joshua Dysart, Emily Carroll and more!

And don’t miss a special sneak peek at a new monthly series coming from Vertigo: a macabre and magical saga of voodoo gods and mortals in the eerie streets of New Orleans.

If you enjoyed STRANGE ADVENTURES you’re bound to enjoy this collection.