A Note from Diane Nelson about DC Comics – The New 52

When I put in place the new DC Entertainment executive team in February of last year, I asked them to think big and be bold – to adopt a “no fear” attitude toward the business we love. We set out to reinvigorate interest in comics, bring in new readers and make our characters and stories more accessible to the widest possible audience, all while respecting the core fans who are the foundation of our company. That’s exactly what the DC Entertainment team has done with the unprecedented roll-out of DC Comics – The New 52 and the launch of same day digital comics.


This afternoon, we’re going to take a look at what the comic book trade press is saying about JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 and The New 52 – including their interviews with some of the talented people behind the launch.

Fifty-Five Midnight Madness Events Tonight – Find One Near You

Comic retailers have embraced the arrival of DC Comics-The New 52  and many are celebrating with local Midnight Madness events around the country.  Fifty-five retailers are holding events tonight (Aug. 30) to celebrate the release of JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 – be sure to check out our DC Events page to find a retailer near you and join the party. And if you’re in New York be sure to get in line at Midtown Comics for a chance to get your #1 issue signed by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee.

Counting down to DC Comics-The New 52: A note from Geoff Johns

While I was checking in for my flight yesterday from Los Angeles to New York I thought to myself, “Don’t check your bag.” I mean, it was pretty light and who checks their bag for a three-day trip? But I decided to anyway, almost embarrassed to tell the clerk who gave me a look as if to say, “You’re checking this?” I fumbled together a few words, thanking her and headed to the gate.