Jim Lee and Geoff Johns are Coming to a Radio Station Near You

Leading up to the release of JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 next week, DC Entertainment Co-Publisher and artist Jim Lee and Chief Creative Officer and writer Geoff Johns will appear on several morning radio shows on Friday, Aug. 26 and a few more on Tuesday, Aug. 30.  We’ve got a lot of big press features coming up in the days and weeks to come and we’ll keep you posted on all the news here on THE SOURCE.

Here’s a list of stations you can tune-in to get the inside scoop on DC Comics – The New 52:



EXCLUSIVE: Vice President Dick Cheney’s Resignation Letter

On Tuesday, former Vice President (and unindicted co-conspirator) Dick Cheney will publish his autobiography In My Time. One of the revelations made in the book is that in March 2001, Cheney wrote a letter of resignation and instructed his aides to deliver it to the President if he ever became “incapacitated.” The Idiotical has obtained a copy of this letter.

MAD’s Paperback Clean-up!

Recently, we went through our stockroom and came across a freakin’ TON of classic MAD paperbacks! How many different ones can you make out? Any favorites? Let us know in the comments section! And be sure to check out upcoming issues — we’re going to be giving away some paperbacks in the Letters Page!

Teasing DC Comics-The New 52

With the release of Geoff Johns and Jim Lee’s JUSTICE LEAGUE #1, DC Comics-The New 52 will officially kick off next week. There has been a lot of speculation over the past few months about what to expect from all the new series, so we decided to up the ante one last time.

The Landmark 100th Issue of TEEN TITANS

In the final issue of this run of TEEN TITANS, the team faces down with their most invincible enemy yet: Superboy prime and his army of Superboy clones. This oversized 100th issue written by J.T. Krul with art by Nicola Scott, Doug Hazlewood, Jack Purcell and Greg Adams, packs action and mayhem into every page. In the end, the Teen Titans must face the question: when your enemy is unstoppable, how do you punish or contain him?

The Epic Conclusion to “Reign of the Doomsdays” Has Arrived

With the Earth four minutes away from complete destruction, a friend and ally lays down his life for the sake of billions of innocent lives. In this action-packed finale, Lois plays a crucial role by reminding Superman that because of his good nature, he will always be an inspiration to others.

The final issue of this run of ACTION COMICS, written by Paul Cornell with art by Axel Giménez, embodies why Superman has remained such a lasting icon and inspirational figure. The issue goes on sale today.

What was the first...by Assistant Editor Joe Hughes

Assistant Editor Joe Hughes, who works on AMERICAN VAMPIRE, THE UNWRITTEN and much more, shares his firsts.

What was the first...

Convention you attended as a fan?
I-CON. It was on my college campus, so not going would have been a pretty lazy move on my part.

Convention you attended as a pro?
My first day at DC was three days before New York Comic Con, so in my first week I only spent about five minutes at my desk.