Lindsay in Playboy!

Like most red-blooded America men, we rushed online when we heard that Lindsay’s Playboy photos had been leaked! But let’s just say that a part of us was more than a little disappointed when we learned that “Lindsay” was actually South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham. Ewww! Sad…Hef must really be losing it.

Exclusive Preview of MY GREATEST ADVENTURE #3

If you missed the first two issues, MY GREATEST ADVENTURE is an anthology-style miniseries that follows the adventures of three different characters: Robotman, Garbage Man and the alien Tanga.

In “Uncanny Valley, Part 3,” written by Matt Kindt and illustrated by Scott Kolins, Robotman’s journey leads him to an exotic island where he’ll find his ally, Maddy. But when the two of them are attacked by a monstrous creature, will they have what it takes to survive?

ON THE LEDGE With Mike Carey and Peter Gross

PG: It's no easy task getting each issue of THE UNWRITTEN out on time. You would not believe how quickly four weeks flies by when you're making a comic. So it makes no sense whatsoever that Mike and I decided to go bi-weekly for 5 months and put out 10 issues instead of the normal 5. And yet, given the way THE UNWRITTEN has developed it makes perfect sense... MC: It was a habit we got into back when we were working on LUCIFER.

Tomorrow’s DC COMICS-THE NEW 52 Releases

Earlier today, we linked to all of the exclusive previews of the fourth issues from DC COMICS-THE NEW 52 that are going on sale tomorrow.

Below, take a look at all the previews that ran (sorted alphabetically and separated by cover), compiled here in one easy location for your convenience.

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