Second Hero Initiative Auction Event in Miami/Ft. Lauderdale Area this Weekend

If you live in or around the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area, be sure to stop by Tate’s Comics this weekend (Jan. 20-22) for your chance to bid on Hero Initiative’s Justice League of America 100 Project, featuring exclusive, one-of-a-kind covers.  The covers feature art from Mark Bagley, Alan Davis, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, George Pérez, Frank Quitely, John Romita Sr., Alex Ross, and more – you can check out the full gallery of covers here.

Exclusive Preview of BATMAN: ODYSSEY #4

Being in Ra’s al Ghul’s underworld has turned Batman into someone even he does not recognize.

BATMAN: ODYSSEY #4 begs the question of what extremes will the Dark Knight go to in order to accomplish his mission? And how will he be able to face himself when he betrays one of his own?

From writer and artist Neal Adams, BATMAN: ODYSSEY #4 lands in stores today.

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A Classic Tolstoy Novel Updated

Recently video was (ahem) leaked of four Marines urinating on the corpses of Taliban fighters. (And they said waterboarding was bad!) Having never been on the battlefield, we’ll reserve final comment. But on the surface it certainly looks as if the Marines were “going” down the wrong path with this. In a related development, there are unconfirmed rumors that two of the Marines have just signed deals to act as spokesmen for Flomax.

Exclusive Preview of YOUNG JUSTICE #12

When a monstrous new villain appears in Gotham City, Batman will need to recruit the help of the entire Young Justice team.

In YOUNG JUSTICE #12, by Greg Weisman and Luciano Vecchio, witness the birth of Clayface as he transforms from man into monster. But who is this creature and how can he be stopped? And what is his relationship to Batman’s former flame, Talia al Ghul?

Find out in YOUNG JUSTICE #12, on sale today.

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It can’t be said enough how exciting it is to be embarking on the new chapter in the saga that is THE FURY OF FIRESTORM: THE NUCLEAR MEN.  It’s time to peel back the veils of secrecy surrounding the late Martin Stein.  It’s time to reveal the international scope of the Firestorm Protocols as Jason Rusch and Ronnie Raymond learn they aren’t alone in the DC Universe – knowledge that will come at a terrifically horrifying cost.

China Miéville talks DIAL H and his superheroic alter ego

We recently announced DC Comics-The New 52 “Second Wave” and DIAL H which will be written by China Miéville with art by Mateus Santoluoco.

I had the chance to talk with China about writing his first ongoing series that will begin this May and what inspires him about the cult classic title DIAL H FOR HERO.

So, China, you’re an established award-winning novelist and now you’ll be writing your first ongoing comic book series. Can you tell us a bit about what that transition is like?


JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 has sold out yet again, and will be going back to press for its sixth printing. It was Diamond Comic Distributors’ top-selling comic book of 2011 and is the most reprinted DC Comics title of the modern era.

The sixth printing will be on sale in comic book stores on February 15, 2012.

Tomorrow’s DC COMICS-THE NEW 52 Releases

Earlier today, we linked to all of the exclusive previews of the fifth issues from DC COMICS-THE NEW 52 that are going on sale tomorrow.

Below, take a look at all the previews that ran (sorted alphabetically and separated by cover), compiled here in one easy location for your convenience.

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