Spoiler alert! DC COMICS-THE NEW 52 fans learned, thanks to guest-star Martian Manhunter, that our lost Legionnaires of LEGION LOST #6are destined to die here in the 21st century! Check out the page from the issue after the jump. This bombshell plays out in the next issues of the series and leads us straight to “The Culling” crossover beginning in TEEN TITANS ANNUAL #1! Reserve your copies now or risk missing out on the next catastrophe to befall all of DC’s teen heroes!

A Valentine salute to ANIMAL MAN’s Buddy and Ellen Baker

What makes Buddy and Ellen Baker's relationship so special and so enduring? “To me, Buddy may be the "superhero," but Ellen is the strong one,” says ANIMAL MAN writer Jeff Lemire. “He may wear the costume, but she's the rock of the Baker clan. Truth is, Buddy is actually a bit of a flake. One day he's a stuntman, the next day he's an indy film actor, the next he's flying around San Diego in tights and a mask. Yet. Ellen is always there, always supporting him and picking up the slack at home...she even manages a successful career as an illustrator.

From the Editor's Desk: Tuesday Tonic Holiday Bonus

Holiday bonus alert!!!!!!

14 tracks to make you melt on 02.14.12

The Wild Ones--Suede
More than This--Roxy Music
We are the Dead--David Bowie
The Paris Match--The Style Council
All My Friends--LCD Soundsystem
The Time Is Now--Moloko
Slide Away--Oasis
Step Inside Your Love--Shed Seven
If there's a Heaven Above--Love & Rockets
Thieves Like Us--New Order
Six Different Ways--The Cure
There Is a Light that Never Goes Out--The Smiths

From the Editor's Desk:TUESDAY (British chocolate & love heart) TONIC

Roll over Sid and Nancy — we know that love kills! Meet the reigning power couples of 2012: From HELLBLAZER:  EPIPHANY GREAVES & JOHN CONSTANTINE She’s a 24-year-old smokin’ hot alchemist and gangster’s daughter. He’s a [age redacted] year-old chain smokin’ street mage and con artist. They are Mr. and Mrs. Constantine.  Follow their latest antics from the magnificent streets of London to the darkest pits of hell.  Issue #288, part 2 of Another Season in Hell, is in stores tomorrow!


Romance is in the air, DC Nation, and it’s not just because it’s Valentine’s Day!

The New 52 has provided us with lots of exciting ground to mine, and FLASH is no exception. After all, we’ve seen a revved-up Captain Cold, neighboring Central and Keystone Cities thrown back to the Stone Age in technology, and a super-speedster with a brain that runs too fast for even him to keep up with.

I,VAMPIRE: A Love Story

You may think I,VAMPIRE is a horror story about blood thirsty vampires, but writer Joshua Hale Fialkov would argue that at it’s heart, the series is a love story.

"All great stories are love stories,” says Fialkov. “Sometimes they're about two people in love, or two people falling out of love, or a man in love with vengeance, or, a man in love with Truth, Justice, and the American Way. All of the characters we love are motivated almost entirely by love.”

Ian Churchill on the variant cover for GREEN LANTERN #7

Back in December, we told you that GREEN LANTERN #7 will kick off a brand new story arc, “The Secret of the Indigo Tribe.” In it, Hal and Sinestro’s uneasy alliance will continue as they travel to the Indigo homeworld to uncover the truths behind a heinous crime.

Today, take an exclusive first look at fan-favorite artist Ian Churchill’s variant cover for the issue, both in black and white and its final colored version.