Will Dennis Talks SAUCER COUNTRY Covers

It’s a bit of an unwritten rule around VERTIGO that the interior artist doesn’t do the cover art. Some of it is a tradition that goes back to SANDMAN, some of it’s a time management thing, and some of it’s that often artists who are great at interiors aren’t always so great at the single image needed for a cover. It’s two totally different parts of the brain for an artist and not everyone can pull it off.

WonderCon 2012 - Day Two

CON AWAY FROM CON DAY TWO: What a Saturday! Jam-packed with excitement, information and surprises, the second day of WonderCon had something for everyone as we attended panels, asked creators what their midnight snack of choice was and continue talking to the wonderful, passionate fans that we have.

WonderCon 2012 - DC Comics: All Access "Special Edition"

CON AWAY FROM CON: The afternoon’s discussions turned from the superheroes of the DC Universe to the big publishing event of 2012: Before Watchmen. DC Entertainment co-publishers Dan DiDio and a momentarily waylaid Jim Lee (who joined as soon as he got out of a previous engagement) were joined on stage by some of the talent involved in the various series making up Before Watchmen, Len Wein and J. Michael Strazynski as well as series editors Will Dennis and Mark Chiarello.

WonderCon 2012 - DC Comics: The New 52

CON AWAY FROM CON: The DC Comics-The New 52 panel, a monumental convening of both talent and fans, covered a lot of territory as moderator John Cunningham (VP, Marketing) talked the panelists and audience through the "Second Wave" of titles coming in May, what's continuing and what readers can expect in some of their favorite titles.

WonderCon 2012 - Nite Owl #1 Variant Cover

Want a first look at the variant cover to Nite Owl #1? Get it right here while Before Watchmen is being discussed at WonderCon. Look for more on the panel, including the genesis of the project soon.


Before Watchmen Night Owl Variant Cover

WonderCon 2012 - Spotlight on Scott Snyder

CON AWAY FROM CON CONTINUES! Superstar writer Scott Snyder came under the spotlight here at WonderCon as he talked about his career to date, including past and current work on Batman, Detective Comics, American Vampire and Swamp Thing. And those in attendance even got to hear about his escapades as a theme park’s roller-skating janitor!



WonderCon 2012 - Day One

CON AWAY FROM CON DAY ONE: The first day of WonderCon is in the rear view mirror and we're looking back at a day filled with great panels and plenty of excitement from fans.


At the DC Entertainment booth fans were lined up all day to have their picture taken at the green screen photo booth. This time around they have the option of appearing as part of the Justice League, alongside the MAD Magazine's Alfred E. Newman (who has a remarkable lack of worry lines) or in the image of the Justice League being used for our We Can Be Heroes campaign.


Wondercon 2012 - Vertigo: New Blood

CON AWAY FROM CON CONTINUES! From the murder mystery of The New Deadwardians to the upcoming adaptation of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Vertigo Comics' "New Blood" panel featured looks at lots of what's coming up soon. And don't worry, there was lots of American Vampire as well. 


Courtesy of editor Will Dennis the audience got a look cover and interior art from Fairest #2 as well as the news that with the 10th anniversary of Fables coming up there are lots of great ways that milestone will be marked.