Headline: Welcome to FLASHPOINT Fridays

Headline: Welcome to FLASHPOINT Fridays

By David Hyde Friday, January 14th, 2011


Flash Fact: Come back each and every Friday as we build towards the release of FLASHPOINT #1, and for the latest on the DC Universe event of 2011. This story is as ambitious and big as any event in DC history, and there’s much to tell in the weeks and months to come. We’ll have one more tease for you this morning, then ask you all to come back next Friday. Since this is an event centered on The Flash, it’s easy to run ahead at full speed in our excitement for the project. Because we have so much to say, we’ll be slowing down the news cycle here for a while. We know there’s a lot of anticipation and clamoring for art and we can tell you now that Andy Kubert’s work on FLASHPOINT is spectacular, as you’ll see in the weeks to come. FLASHPOINT #1 goes on sale this May. Can lightning strike twice?

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