By David Hyde Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

flspv2_cv3_var1(FLASHPOINT #3 variant cover by Ivan Reis and George Perez)

Regular readers of THE SOURCE have most likely noticed the absence of FLASHPOINT FRIDAYS over the course of the past two weeks, as we unveiled titles from the upcoming launch of the new DC Universe. Not to worry, FLASHPOINT FRIDAY returns this Friday as a regular, weekly feature on the blog and today we’ll have a special Tuesday edition, including previews of several of this Wednesday’s FLASHPOINT releases. And if you haven’t already picked up some of the recently released FLASHPOINT mini series and are curious to get a sneak peek at them, check out these exclusive previews: Newsarama showed a first look at BOOSTER GOLD #45 and FLASHPOINT: CITIZEN COLD #1. MTV Geek previewed FLASHPOINT: DEATHSTROKE AND THE CURSE OF THE RAVAGER, along with an interview with Jimmy Palmiotti. Wired’s GEEKDAD debuted pages from FLASHPOINT: EMPEROR AQUAMAN #1, and iFANBOY had a sneak peek at FLASHPOINT: FRANKENSTEIN & THE CREATURES OF THE UNKNOWN #1. And if you’re a digital reader, be sure to check out FLASHPOINT #1, now available as a digital comic, and find out for yourself why BLASTR calls the FLASHPOINT series, “shocking and compelling,” and “one of the best event series in recent memory.”

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