Download the First Ever Justice League Beyond

Download the First Ever Justice League Beyond

By DCE Editorial Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

(In last week’s #1 issue, BATMAN joined the League as a new recruit. )

You may have missed it last week, but you can easily catch up with the new JUSTICE LEAGUE BEYOND digital comic - issue #2 is available for download today. This is the first-ever JUSTICE LEAGUE BEYOND comic in any format, so you’re not going to want to miss out on all the action.  And you can catch up with the entire BEYOND universe when the oversized issue of BATMAN BEYOND UNLIMITED print edition comes out at the end of this month on Feb. 29, featuring a collection of digital chapters from JUSTICE LEAGUE BEYOND and BATMAN BEYOND. Derek Fridolfs, co-writer and inker on the book stated, "Fans have gotten to see the future versions of Batman and Superman in their solo Beyond stories. And now they'll have a chance to see the future Justice League--how that team works together to protect against large global and universe spanning threats. As well as get the chance to see how all the members first came together...their pasts and how it relates to their future!" And continuing in the "Beyond" news, don't miss next week's debut of BATMAN BEYOND digital chapter #1 on February 15.

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