DC Collectibles Brings a Super Kiss to Life

DC Collectibles Brings a Super Kiss to Life

By Tim Beedle Thursday, February 14th, 2013

It’s the kiss that comics fans can’t stop talking about. Superman and Wonder Woman shared an embrace beneath the moonlight in the pages of JUSTICE LEAGUE #12, and they’ve been DC Comics’ premier power couple ever since. Since that first moment, there have been quite a few lip-locks between the Man of Steel and the Amazon Princess, many of them rendered by the intricate pencils of Jim Lee. However, they’ve all had one thing in common—they’ve all been on paper.


Not anymore. As revealed at Toy Fair earlier this week, DC Collectibles is releasing a new 12-inch statue commemorating this iconic moment that’s sculpted in the style of Lee’s art. It’s called “Superman & Wonder Woman: The Kiss” and you can get a look at it right here.



“The Kiss” was sculpted by Tim Bruckner and will be available this fall. So what’s your favorite super hero kiss?

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