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Caption This!: Superman The Man of Steel Statue by Lee Bermejo

Caption This!: Superman The Man of Steel Statue by Lee...

By Tim Beedle Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

Aloha, and welcome to Caption This! our monthly mash-up of collectibles, captions and cleverness. If you’re new to the beach, the rules are simple. We give you an awesome photo featuring a newly released DC Collectible, and you comment with your best caption for it. Unable to come up with your own caption, but see one you think is really righteous? Be sure to “like” it so it rises to the top.

Ready to hit the waves? Then let’s go. It may still be spring, but the surf’s up in Maui and even the Man of Steel can’t resist waxing up the stick and catching a few breakers. Though you would’ve thought he’d at least take off the cape…

Well, at least we know staying out too long in the sun isn’t a problem for Superman, and that even drenched with saltwater, his signature curl’s still in place. So what do you think? Are you cutting out…or can you caption this?