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DC Week-In-Review: Man of Steel, E3, Superman Unchained and a Pair of New Home Pages...

DC Week-In-Review: Man of Steel, E3, Superman Unchained and...

By Tim Beedle Friday, June 14th, 2013

It's Friday, and you know what that means.

Actually, this week it means many of you will be rushing off to your local multiplex after work to check out Man of Steel, but it also means that it's time for another Week-In-Review. This was a MASSIVE week for DC Comics and our fans. In addition to the release of the eagerly anticipated new Superman movie, we saw the debut of our blockbuster new Superman comic--Superman Unchained--and gave out another great Superman comic in shops across the country on Wednesday for free! Then there was E3, where we made a splash with not one, not two, not even three, but five different DC video games. And last but not least, we can't overlook our brand new and home pages, which proved to be quite a hit with fans when they debuted this week.

Here's what fans had to say about all of this and more...

DC Comics Week in Review: 6/14/13

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watching 'Man of Steel' tonight...WOOO!!! @DCComics #SupermanJulius Naredo
@DCComics @ManofSteelMovie ill make sure to bring my new favorite comic with me while I wait Jack
@DCComics I'm seeing the film multiple times. Half in 2D and the rest in IMAX 3Dwill swilley
Relaxing time with my girls. Love that they like to watch #TeenTitans @cartoonnetwork @DCComics
Just got the awesome @DCComics Solo hardcover in the morning mail. Must resist urge to read it instead of doing work Taylor
@Ssnyder1835 LOVED this...!!! Keep up the great work...!!! @DCComics #newDCday... Kelly
Man that insert by @JimLee is beautiful! #SupermanUnchained cc: @DCComics Sullivan
This is exactly what I picture Batman to look like his first year as batman awesome! @DCComics @Ssnyder1835 @GregCapullo @fcooElectro Comics
Superman Unchained #1 and Batman Zero year are awesome looking forward t the 2nd issues @DCComicsCon-El
Heavens, #Batman: Hush is an incredible story. Bloody love Jim Lee's artwork. @DCComicsChris Jacobs
Just got my #Superman / #Batman shirt from @DCComics today, design by @JimLee.
Superman UNCHAINED is gonna be a blast!! @DCComics I hope I'll be able to secure a copy. >___<Francis Javier
Abnormally excited to pick up "Year Zero" tomorrow. @Ssnyder1835 and @GregCapullo never disappoint. @DCComicsClay Chastain
Fighting the urge to scream SHAZAM! in the middle of a quiet coffee house @dccomicsAnthony Lee
Heading to work and discover I M very DC today. #Batman #superman @DCComics Cowled Geekette
@DCComics new website looks great!James Horton
Nearly brought to tears watching the Man Of Steel trailer and the new Arkham Origins trailer when I got up, @DCComics you complete me :DMatthew_Bebbs
@DCComics finally tracked down a copy of #Batman & Robin #18 Requiem. Just "read" it, great job. Need to find another copy to frame now :/Ryan