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In Case You Missed It: Batman: Arkham Origins' Humanitarian of the Year Awards

In Case You Missed It: Batman: Arkham Origins'...

By Tim Beedle Monday, January 6th, 2014

Some New Year's Eve invitations can still be enjoyed after the holiday has passed. Especially when they have to do with new Batman: Arkham Origins DLC!

With all of the excitement surrounding the holidays, it's likely that quite a few of you missed out on the invitation that Batman fans received by way of the Batman: Arkham Origins Facebook page. On December 31st, we were all invited to Wayne Manor to enjoy the Humanitarian of the Year Awards. But that was just a prologue to a New Year's Day image that gave us our first tantalizing glimpse at Batman: Arkham Origins all-new story DLC.

What does it all mean? Well, you're free to speculate below in the comments, but for further details, stay tuned...


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