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Young Animal: Comics for Dangerous Humans

Young Animal: Comics for Dangerous Humans

By DCE Editorial Wednesday, September 14th, 2016

Put aside your expectations and get dangerous with DC’s Young Animal, a new line of comic books presented and curated by Gerard Way, coming this fall to a comic shop near you.

DC’s Young Animal is an exciting new imprint driven by the creative mind of Gerard Way and produced by some of the most fearless minds in comics today. This is something different, inspired by the visionary work of DC’s experimental past, but shaped and focused by the absurdity of today. It’s a place where the World’s Strangest Heroes can return to face a shocking new threat. Where an alien can visit Earth in the body of a teenaged bully, a spelunking adventurer can discover surreal new worlds, and a rich debutant can escape the falseness of high society by getting real as a Gotham City crimefighter. It’s a world that will surprise, entrance and stoke the imagination, one unforgettable panel at a time…

What is DC’s Young Animal

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