Graphic Novel

Aquaman, the King of the Seas, is back in a new ongoing series from DC! Now the earliest Silver Age appearances of the fan-favorite hero can be enjoyed by an all-new generation of readers with the AQUAMAN ARCHIVES Volume One!Written by Jack Miller, Robert Bernstein, George Kashdan, and Bob Haney, these classic tales are illustrated by the renowned Ramona Fradon (METAMORPHO) and Nick Cardy!Volume One features the origin of Aquaman, plus the introduction of Aqualad, Aquagirl and the mysterious Aqua-Queen! Thrill to Aquaman's early adventures when he was Aquaboy, his attempt to swim around the world in 80 hours, and a special "crossover" story with Green Arrow! Watch as the King of the Seas battles ferocious menaces such as the Human Flying Fish and the Sea Creatures from One Billion B.C.!More than two dozen exciting Aquaman adventures are included in this hefty volume that reprints the Aquaman stories from ADVENTURE COMICS #260-280 & 282 and SHOWCASE #30-31, with an introduction by Roy Thomas!