Graphic Novel

One is the World's Greatest Detective with unlimited resources for his vigilante quest for justice. The other is a soldier; a black-ops killer who does whatever it takes for the greater good. What happens when the two meet? We'll never know... because Michael Cray, code-named Deathblow, is dead. WildStorm Productions presents one of the most unusual crossovers ever in this collection of the 3-issue miniseries written by Brian Azzarello (100 BULLETS, HELLBLAZER), with stunning, evocative art by Lee Bermejo (SUPERMAN/GEN13), Tim Bradstreet (HELLBLAZER covers) & Mick Gray (PROMETHEA). The Dark Knight faces the daunting task of finishing a job that someone else started but — for reasons that remain a mystery — refused to finish. That someone was Michael Cray. This is a mystery that spans a decade — a tale of secret agents, double agents and a charismatic madman with a fiery, lethal touch. It's also the story of two very different kinds of heroes, and the explosive results of the two crossing paths... even if one of them is dead!