Matter Master is about to go nuclear in BATMAN BEYOND #3

Despite Bruce's warning, Terry has teamed up with the Justice League to stop the new Matter Master. They better do it quickly though, because the Matter Master's losing control of his powers and is about to go nuclear in the middle of Gotham City.

It's Batman fighting alongside the Justice League in BATMAN BEYOND #3 - could this turn into a regular occurrence?

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Dustin Nguyen covers BATMAN BEYOND #4

Someone's cracked the secret identity of the aging Dick Grayson in BATMAN BEYOND #4, and it's up to Terry McGinnis to keep that secret from leaking out any further. If that weren't a difficult enough task already, it seems like Dick has a few ideas about how he can take care of himself.

Check out the cover to April's BATMAN BEYOND #4 by Dustin Nguyen.

Batman Beyond #4

Hush’s deadly solution proves problematic for Batman Beyond

It’s been another Tuesday packed with Batman goodies, and we’re not ready to stop just yet. Next up, we have the finale to one of the year’s most well-received mini-series, BATMAN BEYOND.

Hush has got a surefire way to get rid of Gotham’s pesky super-villain problem. Sounds great, right? Not quite. Seems Hush’s plan of action involves putting some of Batman’s deadliest foes six feet under, a course Batman will definitely take issue with.


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