It’s good to be home.


Today’s my first day back at DC Entertainment. The office and title are different. Some of the faces are new and others are familiar -- including the super-heroic ones.


Superman. Batman. Wonder Woman. Green Lantern. The Flash. The Sandman. Alfred E. Neuman.


How do I feel? Imagine the first day of school plus a recurring case of déjà vu. Awesome.


And to all good things…

This will be my last day as Publicity Manager at DC Comics. Apologies for the overly dramatic intro sentence, but I figured I’d get the newsy aspect of this blog post out of the way sooner rather than later. Fear not, though. I’m not leaving the comic book industry. Still, leaving DC was far from easy. As a lifelong Batman fan and DCU reader, I’ve been bowled over by the exciting stuff coming out and in the works for these books. Trust me when I say you’re all in for a treat. As for where I’m going – that’s stuff to discuss at another time. Like, say, Monday morning.

A day in the life of the BATMAN Group Editor...

image Thursday, March 26, 2009 Computer’s on, the day begins… 45 emails overnight, argh. Start with the easy ones first. No, wait—Executive Editor Dan DiDio is pulling the Bat Group down into his office for an urgent meeting. Topic: BATGIRL.
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