Take a look at the variant covers to BATMAN AND ROBIN #12 and WAR OF THE SUPERMEN #1

Still recovering from that Cassaday image? Understandable. So are we. But we've got two more images that'll help get you to Tuesday with a smile on your face. Specifically, Andy Clarke's variant to BATMAN AND ROBIN #12 and Aaron Lopresti's WAR OF THE SUPERMEN #1 cover. [gallery link="file"]

Welcome to Batman VERSUS Robin

Rising star artist Andy Clarke joins writer Grant Morrison just in time to see the new Dark Knight face off against the new Boy Wonder -- thanks to the manipulations of Ms. Talia al Ghul. But is everything as it seems? Probably not. Hopefully the pages below can serve as a bit of a clue. And did I mention this issue ties in directly to THE RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE? Well, it does. BATMAN AND ROBIN #10 hits 3/10. [gallery link="file" columns="4"]

More April 2010: Batman solicits

Why stop with BRIGHTEST DAY, right? Click below for a look at all the Batman-related titles shipping in April, including BATMAN AND ROBIN, STREETS OF GOTHAM, BATGIRL and OUTSIDERS. bm-arkham-madness BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM — MADNESS HC Advance-solicited • On sale June 23 • 112 pg, FC, $19.99 US


And, if we know, you’ll soon find out. Usually. But before we go ahead and give you the news, we want to remind you that superstar artist Cameron Stewart is locked and loaded as the artist on BATMAN AND ROBIN for three issues, the first one of which hits next month. We’ve been super-careful about showing any art until the perfect time – now. bmrob-702100

On sale today: R.E.B.E.L.S. #8

Writer Tony Bedard and artist Andy Clarke continue on their R.E.B.E.L.S. hot streak, as word of Starro's invading horde and Vril Dox's rebellion reaches the masses, and sides are drawn. Plus, the mighty Khund fleet enters the battle against Starro. Too bad for them. Plus: The all-new, all-dangerous Omega Men. Need more? Well how about a few pages to get your legs a-walkin' to your local comic shop? R.E.B.E.L.S. #8 hits today. [gallery link="file"]

Can a bat beat a bear? BATMAN CONFIDENTIAL has the answer

Writer Peter Milligan and artist Andy Clarke continue their five-part Batman story, with a second installment that finds the Tsar threatening to take over the Gotham mob. But how far will Batman go to protect not only the city, but the nation? And can Batman survive a Moscow excursion? Check out some of the pages below to get an idea and for some ultra-detailed and eye-pleasing art. BATMAN CONFIDENTIAL #32 hits 8/5. [gallery link="file"]

Cap off the day with some BATMAN CONFIDENTIAL #31

Writer Peter Milligan teams up with R.E.B.E.L.S. artist Andy Clarke to kick off a new five-part arc in the pages of BATMAN CONFIDENTIAL, with an international twist. When a powerful Russian mobster sets his sights on Gotham City, Batman thinks he's ready. But this isn't any ordinary mobster, and he's bringing backup in the form of...a bear? These unexpected foes might just be able to take control of the Gotham underworld – and then the whole city. Can Batman stop them? BATMAN CONFIDENTIAL #31 hits on 7/1. [gallery link="file"]


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