Looking Ahead: Stewart, Fletcher, Tarr and Wu Talk Black Canary and Batgirl

To say the recently reimagined Batgirl by writers Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher and artist Babs Tarr represents an important turning point in comics would be an understatement. Between Barbara’s practical new costume, modern new villains and challenges more reflective of those facing young adults today, it’s struck a chord with fans and has gotten more than a few new readers into their local comic book store.

Exclusive Preview of BATMAN BEYOND UNLIMITED #18

Neo-Gotham is tearing itself apart!

A vicious round of violence has engulfed the streets of Crown Point and it’s all Comissioner Barbara Gordon can do to keep the conflict from spreading to the rest of the city. Just when she needs it most, a helping hand arrives in the form of … Batgirl? The cape and cowl might look familiar but can Commissioner Gordon trust this new incarnation of her old alter ego? Then, it’s the explosive conclusion to the Undercloud storyline!

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