What else is going on in the Batman universe in February?

Well, a ton, dear Source reader. Too much to capably sum up in one blog post. It's also way too early to give too much away. But, we can showcase some of the lovely artwork gracing the covers of the Bat-titles hitting in February, featuring the talents of Frank Quitely, Dustin Nguyen, Phil Noto and many more. So, take another bite of your lunch and look 'em over. [gallery link="file" columns="2"]

It's day one on the job for Batgirl -- can she hack it?

Next to the job interview, the next most-stressful thing when it comes to work is your first day. Am I right? Well, imagine if your gig didn't involve sitting at a desk, but jumping around on the rooftops of Gotham's seedier neighborhoods? Welcome to Stephanie Brown's new role as Batgirl. And, as she'll soon learn, it takes a lot more to wear the mantle of the Bat than she originally thought. From the regular team of writer Bryan Q. Miller and artist Lee Garbett comes a tale of learning the ropes and frat parties. I kid you not.

BATGIRL writer Bryan Q. Miller on the Unsinkable Stephanie Brown

bgv2-cv7 Stephanie Brown – you might recognize her from such “hits” as: 1. Becoming Spoiler to literally rebel against her father (Cluemaster). 2. Dating Tim (Wayne) when he was still Tim (Drake)… actually, when he was Alvin Draper.  But she only knew him as Robin at the time.  But later she found out Robin was really Tim (Drake) who was pretending to be Alvin Draper.

Continue the new Batgirl's first adventure with BATGIRL #3

As crime in Gotham continues to escalate, the newest member of the Batman family vows to wear the mantle of the Bat and fight alongside the Dynamic Duo in their war on crime. Just one problem: She hasn't mentioned that to Batman and Robin yet. Join writer Bryan Q. Miller and artist Lee Garbett as they continue the adventures of the new Batgirl, Stephanie Brown. BATGIRL #3 hits on 10/14. [gallery link="file" columns="4"]

Need another reason to pick up BATGIRL #2?

As the new Batgirl continues her nightly mission, the mystery of her secret identity intensifies. Now she has become the target of both Gotham City's heroes (can you say "Oracle"?) and its villains. Now that you know who the new Batgirl is and you've seen her new costume, all the more reason to head down to your shop and follow Stephanie Brown's ongoing adventures, no? BATGIRL #2, from the team of writer Bryan Q. Miller and artist Lee Garbett, hits tomorrow. [gallery link="file"]


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