Here are some variant covers to close out your day. First up? Alex Garner 's cover of WONDER WOMAN #608. Then, as always, Kevin Maguire delivers a great cover to JUSTICE LEAGUE: GENERATION LOST #21. [Updated] Yildiray Cinar (not Scott Kolins) has a variant to FLASH #10 as the prelude to FLASHPOINT continues. Last and certainly not least? A stunning variant of BATMAN AND ROBIN #21 by Tony S. Daniel. [gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="2"]

A new mystery falls from the sky in BATMAN AND ROBIN #20

It's not easy being Batman. Between the opera galas to be attended, the business matters of Wayne Enterprises and all of the supervillains needing to be stopped, Dick Grayson and Damian have their hands full in Gotham while Bruce Wayne is traveling the world recruiting members for his new network of Batmans. When an angel-winged body falls from the sky during a gathering of the city's social elite, it's a sign that things are about to get even stranger in Gotham, really quickly...

Has The Absence gotten the best of Batman in BATMAN AND ROBIN #19?

If we've learned anything from Paul Cornell and Scott McDaniel's Batman and Robin issues, it's that The Absence isn't quite all there up in her noggin, and I'm not just talking about the giant hole in her head. The lady's scary-crazy. You might've also learned just how well Paul Cornell can write a cool villain -- if you're a Batman fan who hasn't yet checked out his killer Lex Luthor stories occurring in ACTION COMICS, you're missing out.

Reading the lists and checking 'em twice

It’s the end of the year and, if you’re like me this year, that means there’s still some last minute shopping to be done. Need help seeking out the perfect gift for your comic book loving friends and family? Just check out the latest and greatest best of 2010 lists...

DC Comics and Vertigo take home seven of IGN's Best of 2010 Awards

Seven, they say, is a magic number. And this morning, we can't disagree. Because DC and Vertigo have put on an impressive showing, combining to win seven, yes seven of IGN's thirteen awards for the Best of 2010. Here's the rundown... Best New Series: Vertigo's AMERICAN VAMPIRE

Batman and Robin get acquainted with 'The Absence' in Batman and Robin #18

Between Peacock in the pages of BATMAN and The Absence in the next issue of BATMAN AND ROBIN, our caped crusaders have their hands full with mysterious, dangerous women this month. Paul Cornell, Scott McDaniel and Rob Hunter introduce us to The Absence, a psychopathic villain with an origin story gruesome enough that I couldn't in good conscience post it here. (Hint: She wasn't born with that hole in the middle of her forehead.)

A Few Variants for Monday

What better way to start a week than with some variant covers? First up, we have a terrifyingly awesome cover by Gene Ha for BATMAN & ROBIN #19. Next, the indomitable Dustin Nguyen gives us an iconic, powerful cover for Jeff Lemire's SUPERBOY #3. Neal Adams' original pencils adorn the cover of BATMAN: ODYSSEY #6, and last but certainly not least we have a cover for GREEN LANTERN: EMERALD WARRIORS #6 by Felipe Massafera. Check them all out below! [gallery link="file" columns="2"]

Paul Cornell steps in for a three-issue arc on BATMAN AND ROBIN

A body unceremoniously dug out of its grave. A link to Bruce Wayne’s romantic past and tension among the Dynamic Duo of Batman Dick Grayson and Robin. Writer Paul Cornell sprinkles a handful of tantalizing clues with artist Scott McDaniel and in the process builds to one of the coolest villain reveals of the last year. We’ve got a first look at the action packed opening of the issue. Can you say Batman and Robin crash a wedding? Well, now you can. BATMAN AND ROBIN #17 hits Wednesday. [gallery link="file"]


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