This week, BATMAN AND ROBIN v2: BATMAN VS. ROBIN DELUXE EDITION hits comic shops – and it’s not a stretch to say you’re in for a treat. The second volume of writer Grant Morrison’s epic Batman tale -- starring Dick Grayson in the cape and cowl and Damian as Robin – puts the spotlight squarely on the Dynamic Duo and their, well, dynamic. How long can the new Batman and his sidekick really make it work? What does Talia have to say about it? And what of the other, myriad villains that populate the series?

Experience the final chapter of BATMAN AND ROBIN MUST DIE

The Dynamic Duo and Dr. Hurt collide for a final confrontation that serves as the culmination to the latest chapter of mastermind Grant Morrison’s epic and multi-layered Batman saga. Will Dick Grayson succeed where Bruce Wayne failed? Will Damian return to the dark side and betray his friends? How does the Joker fit in? Morrison and artist Frazer Irving tell the tale in BATMAN AND ROBIN #15, and it’s a doozy, folks. BATMAN AND ROBIN #15 hits tomorrow. [gallery link="file"]

A look at BATMAN in January

It’s that time again, where we peek ahead to three months from now to tease what’s coming up in the Batman books. You’ve read about BATMAN: EUROPA and the BATMAN BEYOND ongoing series already, but we’ve got a few surprises in store, including an amazing David Finch Batman image, more info on “The Black Mirror” and more. batman-europa-1

THE ROAD HOME begins here

BRUCE WAYNE – THE ROAD HOME kicks off here as Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne rush to quash a damaging news item that could threaten the secret identities of the entire Bat-family. And as if that weren't enough to occupy their time, their father figure, Bruce Wayne, has returned. BRUCE WAYNE – THE ROAD HOME: BATMAN AND ROBIN also hits today. [gallery link="file"]

A few variants for Tuesday

New cover images by Ivan Reis, Neal Adams and Ethan Van Sciver? Hard to say no, huh? This week, we’ve got the latest black and white version of legendary Batman artist’ Neal Adams’ BATMAN: ODYSSEY series, superstar Ivan Reis’ take on BRIGHTEST DAY #13 and an iconic shot of the Dynamic Duo courtesy of Mr. Ethan Van Sciver. Hard to beat that on a Tuesday, huh? Click below to enjoy the images in their full glory. [gallery link="file"]

Your Batman solicitations for December

We’ve given you two major sneak peeks earlier this week, but now it’s time for the whole shebang – click below for a complete rundown of the December-shipping Batman titles. bminc_cv2 BATMAN, INC. #2 Written by GRANT MORRISON Art and cover by YANICK PAQUETTE& MICHAEL LACOMBE 1:25 Variant cover by ANDY KUBERT

Another look at BATMAN AND ROBIN #14

Not long ago, we showed some fairly intense pages from the latest issue of Grant Morrison’s BATMAN AND ROBIN, with art by Frazer Irving. Well, now we’ve got a few of those pages all lettered up, revealing more secrets about the issue – and the Joker’s involvement. Click below for more. BATMAN AND ROBIN #14 hits 9/9. [gallery link="file"]


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