Gotham City Blues: Five Distinctively Different Batman Soundtracks

A low-level thug races down an unnamed street in Gotham. He’s just made off with thousands in jewelry from a neighborhood store and is looking to cash it all in for a big payday. He ducks down a moonlit alley when a shadow falls across his path. He looks upward and there along the rooftop, he sees him—Batman, the Dark Knight.

Win a Gotham and Graphic Novel Prize Package for Batman Day

If you’re anything like us, and we know you are, you’re spending today reading Batman comics while dressed up like the Cluemaster. (Okay, maybe that’s just us.) Either way, we’re sure you’re celebrating Batman Day, and we thought we’d offer you a chance to make this Bat-holiday even sweeter…by winning a cool Gotham and graphic novel prize package.

DC All Access - Top 10 Batman Stories You've Never Read

You've read The Dark Knight Returns, Batman: Year One, The Long Halloween and The Killing Joke, but there's a lot more to Batman than just those iconic stories. In this special DC All Access Batman Day clip, we list off the top ten Batman stories you've probably never read. What's our #1? Watch and find out!

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DC Collectibles - Batman Day: "Fit to Celebrate"

Batman Day is tomorrow. Start getting ready now.

Video and action figure by DC Collectibles. For all the latest news and information on Batman Day:

Returning to Dark Knight: A Conversation with Brian Azzarello

If you’re even a casual comic book fan, you almost certainly know about DARK KNIGHT III: THE MASTER RACE, the third and final installment of Frank Miller’s seminal Dark Knight series that launched with THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS nearly thirty years ago, before continuing with THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN

DC Collectibles - Batman Day: "Dress to Impress"

Batman Day is September 26, 2015. Have you picked out your outfit yet?

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DC Collectibles - Batman Day: "Spa Day"

Batman Day is September 26, 2015. Relax... You've still got a few days. 

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DC All Access - Ep 327 - Up-Close Look at Batman v Superman's Batmobile! + Catwoman DLC

Start your engines! The Batman v Superman Batmobile has parked on the Warner Bros. lot, and DC All Access is on the scene. Tiffany gets a good look at the Dark Knight's newest big screen ride, and explores some of the other Dark Knight sights and sounds you'll experience on the WB Studio Tour. Plus, we learn about some of the great deals taking place for Batman Day,  take a look at the latest Batman: Arkham Knight DLC and find out about this week's can't-miss new issue of We Are Robin.

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Prize includes 2 roundtrip airline tickets to LA, a 2 night hotel stay, 2 deluxe passes for the Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood including a chance to take a selfie from inside the new Batmobile, and $200 to spend at the studio store.

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