Another look at BATMAN AND ROBIN #14

Not long ago, we showed some fairly intense pages from the latest issue of Grant Morrison’s BATMAN AND ROBIN, with art by Frazer Irving. Well, now we’ve got a few of those pages all lettered up, revealing more secrets about the issue – and the Joker’s involvement. Click below for more. BATMAN AND ROBIN #14 hits 9/9. [gallery link="file"]

Batman hits the high seas in RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE #3

Yanick Paquette steps into the artist’s chair and joins forces with writer Grant Morrison to tell a pirate’s tale – featuring our hero, a time-lost Bruce Wayne, struggling to find his way back home as some of his own friends struggle to prevent it from happening. But let’s see if he survives a dangerous bout with something more dangerous than seasickness. BATMAN: THE RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE #3 hits 6/23. [gallery link="file"]

A look at BATMAN in September

September marks the conclusion of BATMAN: THE RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE — but what does that mean for the Dark Knight? We’re not telling, but click below for a few clues. bm_cv703_solicitcmyk BATMAN #703 Written by PETER MILLIGAN Art and cover by TONY DANIEL 1:10 “DC 75th Anniversary” Variant cover by KEVIN NOWLAN

Get a first look at RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE #2

It’s not longer a question of IF Bruce Wayne is alive, but WHEN. And in this second issue, written by Batman virtuoso Grant Morrison with stunning artwork from Frazer Irving, we see Bruce timeslip into another era of Gotham, with plenty of surprises to keep our amnesiac Dark Knight busy. Click below for a few pages. BATMAN: THE RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE #2 hits 5/26. [gallery link="file"]

THIS JUST HAPPENED: BATMAN AND ROBIN #12 ends with a shocker

Well, that was a doozy of an issue, wasn’t it? The final page of BATMAN AND ROBIN #12 not only capped off an exciting run of issues by writer Grant Morrison and artist Andy Clarke, but also marked the return of a long-missed and unexpected character. Did you have any inkling it was…oh, wait. You haven’t read the issue yet? Yeesh. Well, hop to it, then! If you have, make with the click below to see just what I’m talking about.


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