Ed Benes is doing a BATMAN issue. Here are some pages.

Ed Benes is handling art duties on BATMAN #687. You've seen some of the stuff coming after, specifically, Mark Bagley's upcoming work, but why not take a gander at some of Benes' linework? It will not disappoint.Ed steps in for a one-issue spotlight, pairing him with writer Judd Winick to set the stage for the post-BATTLE FOR THE COWL world, leading into Winick and Bagley’s first arc on the book.

Notes from the Bat-Office...

In a few short days, the final chapter of BATTLE FOR THE COWL hits the stands and the entire world will learn the identity of the new Batman. It’s a journey long in the making and it’s hard to believe all the hard work from all of our creators is finally paying off on the printed page. But we’re not wasting any time resting on our butts. Nope, we’re diving straight into the next exciting phase of the Dark Knight’s life, an era which reflects the new world order for Gotham City and its favorite protector--BATMAN REBORN.

Mark Bagley on BATMAN? Sign me up

This July, fresh off his groundbreaking run on TRINITY, superstar artist Mark Bagley makes a pit stop in Gotham City to spend some time with the new Batman. Who? We're not telling. But, we will show you a few pages of Mr. Bagley's amazing artwork, which pairs him with writer Judd Winick. Make with the click below. BATMAN #688 hits 7/8. [gallery link="file"]

Here's another peek at WEDNESDAY COMICS

There's really very little that needs to be said about WEDNESDAY COMICS that hasn't been said already. DC Art Director Mark Chiarello has done an amazing job at collecting the best and brightest creators in the industry, and the art really speaks for itself. So why not show some more? Here's another look at artist Lee Bermejo's (working with writer John Arcudi) Superman story, which features a familiar face. WEDNESDAY COMICS hits 7/8.

Let's speculate a bit more about RED ROBIN

Everyone loves a good mystery. There are plenty happening in the Batman universe these days, too. Who will be Batman once BATTLE FOR THE COWL concludes? We're not telling, obviously. Another mystery? Who's this Red Robin guy that's getting his own ongoing in June? Again, we're not telling. But we can fan the flames a bit. Here are a few pages from the second issue, in pencil form, from artist Ramon Bachs, who's teaming with writer Chris Yost. Oh, and the cover to RED ROBIN #3, hitting in August. Take a guess. [gallery link="file" columns="4"]


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