What happens when two Guardians of the Universe go rogue and get all "emotional"? Well, the hopeful Blue Lanterns, that's what. Formed by Ganthet and Sayd after they were banished from the Guardians, the Blue Lanterns always look on the bright side, even when that brightness is coming from a yellow Sinestro Corps ring. Click below to find out more.


Yesterday, you got a breakdown of all the key members of the GREEN LANTERN CORPS. But as we head into BLACKEST NIGHT, from mega-stars Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis, how familiar are you with the rest of the colors of the emotional spectrum? Yeah, thought so. That really annoys me. Some might say, it makes me angry -- and we all know what happens when you get really angry? Rage. Yes. See what I'm trying to do here?


BLACKEST NIGHT #0, which hits on 5/2 (Free Comic Book Day, meaning it is, yes, free at participating comic shops) provides readers with the first concentrated glimpse at this summer's mega-event, from writer Geoff Johns and artist Ivan Reis. As we move closer to BLACKEST NIGHT #1, we thought it'd be helpful to give readers a quick course on the spectrum of colors populating the universe and wielding power rings of varying power levels and emotional focus.

A day in the life of SUPERMAN Group Editor Matt Idelson

Ah, dawn in the city. I start going through emails. Renato Guedes has sent us pencils for pages 9-10 of SUPERMAN #688. Wow, these are gorgeous! Renato has been nice enough to draw this critical scene first, as we’ll be flashing back to it in SUPERMAN ANNUAL #14 a couple of months later.  Some more gorgeous pencils are in from guest-penciller Fernando Dagnino for SUPERGIRL #41—man, he’s SO good. Looking at our schedule, however, I’m thinking it might be more logical to ask Fernando to draw the upcoming SUPERGIRL ANNUAL rather than ACTION #878-879.

A heavy dose of GREEN LANTERN #39

By now, you've seen preview pages for this issue at NEWSARAMA and IGN, both showing off the stylish artistry of Philip Tan (working with Geoff Johns, natch). But in our continued efforts to be reader-friendly, we've re-posted both previews here, along with an extra page and some prelim pencils from Tan. NEWSARAMA also posted some pencils from the issue on Friday. GREEN LANTERN #39 -- the gift that keeps on giving. The issue hits stores tomorrow.


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