Step into J. Michael Straczynski's BRAVE AND THE BOLD

Ever wonder what a down-and-out street thug would do with super powers? Or what J. Michael Straczynski would do at DC Comics? DC’s longtime superhero mash-up series THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD welcomes a new pairing of heroic proportions. J. Michael Straczynski, writer and creator of the sci-fi hit, Babylon 5 and BAFTA-award nominated screenwriter of Changeling, joins forces with rising star illustrator Jesus Saiz (OMAC PROJECT, CHECKMATE) as the series’ dynamic new writer-artist team starting with issue #27, on sale September 16.

Another Wednesday cover tease: BRAVE AND THE BOLD #30

We've got a ton of exciting BRAVE AND THE BOLD stuff rolling your way right here in the next week or so, but it never hurts to throw out a good teaser image to get people keyed up. And here, we have artist Jesus Saiz's lovely cover to BRAVE AND THE BOLD #30, written by J. Michael Straczynski with interiors by Saiz. I just read the first issue myself and was even more excited for what's to come than when I first heard the news. JMS and Saiz are really teaming up to tell some modern classics, and we're just a few days from the launch. Until then, enjoy some Green Lantern and Dr. Fate goodness.


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