YOUNG JUSTICE/BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD Super Sampler Available on Free Comic Day

When you rush to Free Comic Book Day, you’ll be picking up a copy of the second chapter in Geoff Johns’ GREEN LANTERN: SECRET ORIGIN. You’ll be super excited to see an exclusive first preview of FLASHPOINT #1. But what will your kids be reading?

No More Guns

The Batman does not like guns. Specifically, Bruce Wayne does not like guns. The reason why was established long ago. An alley. A mugger. A murder.

In the opening pages of BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT issue 2, on sale Wednesday, writer/artist David Finch has the Batman dispatch the Penguins' goons. When he tells them, "No more guns", we believe him.[gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="2"]

THIS JUST HAPPENED: A startling revelation concludes Grant Morrison’s run on BATMAN AND ROBIN


First off – have you read BATMAN AND ROBIN #16? If not, take a moment, step away from your computer (how often will I tell you to do that, huh?) and head to your local shop. Pick up the issue, read it and come back.

All done?

How about that last scene? Brings new meaning to the term “This Just Happened.”

Shane Davis creates THE ROAD HOME

When we unveiled the full roster of BRUCE WAYNE: THE ROAD HOME books last month, the covers were kept under tight wraps. But we did reveal one thing – it’d be a connected image, featuring a number of the key characters that reside on the Bat-universe, by none other than SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE artist Shane Davis.

Will the Joker cross paths with the GOTHAM CITY SIRENS?

What's got the Clown Prince of Crime riled up? What are Catwoman and Poison Ivy trying to track down? What's Harley doing on a date with Bruce Wayne? Uh, is that Bruce Wayne? These questions and a few more will be answered in GOTHAM CITY SIRENS #4, from the regular team of writer Paul Dini and artist Guillem March, which hits 9/30. What? Can't wait? Well, we've got five pages with your name on it below.

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