USA TODAY Announces New BATMAN Weekly and Details on DETECTIVE COMICS

Comic book fans have a lot to look forward to today with New York Comic-Con kicking off in just a few hours. And just in time for the show, USA TODAY made a few announcements that’ll surely be the talk of the convention amongst fans of the Dark Knight!

Launching next spring, BATMAN ETERNAL is an all-new weekly series that comes to you from “showrunner” and BATMAN writer, Scott Snyder, along with writers James Tynion IV, John Layman, Ray Fawkes, and Tim Seeley, and artist Jason Fabok.


“If there's one thing my adult pro self wanted out of DC COMICS-THE NEW 52, it was a return to the days of Infinite Earths. And it starts here. Jim designed the coolest costumes and it was a hoot of a sandbox to play in for a few hours. They are still Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, though, but that was always the fun, wasn't it? The same but different. My eight-year son got a real kick out of me drawing this, just like my eight-year old self would have!”

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