BATMAN: DEATH BY DESIGN Sketchbook – Day One

Exploring the sinister truth behind the destruction of Gotham’s most iconic historical landmarks, BATMAN: DEATH BY DESIGN is realized by the collaboration of four-time Eisner award winning writer/designer Chip Kidd and critically acclaimed artist Dave Taylor. No traditional superhero slugfest, this original graphic novel examines the pop culture icon as a product of his environment – a thriving metropolis as fantastic and idiosyncratic as Batman himself.


Everybody’s Talkin’ About The Weekend (and DC COMICS-THE NEW 52), Friday Afternoon (ET) Edition

You might have heard: it's the weekend after NYCC. So the DC Entertainment PR team will be heading our separate ways for two days of rest and relaxation, which translates roughly to attending a wedding, watching scary movies, picking out pumpkins and laundry. Oh, there will be laundry. Fret not. Before we sign off for the weekend, we have a guide to the latest and greatest coverage:


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