Jailhouse Blues (and Golds)

So, Rip Hunter convinced Booster to go to the 25th century and stand trial for stealing the equipment that he used to become a superhero. The verdict? Guilty! Now, Booster's got to spend five years in prison for his crimes. But things quickly take a turn for the unusual when he meets his cellmate - The Perforated Man - a mentally unstable inmate who seems to hate Booster and not know him at the same time. Check the story out in BOOSTER GOLD #42, on sale March 9. [gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="2"]

A look at BOOSTER GOLD #35

Back in the past, Booster Gold is mistaken for himself and embarks on an untold journey in space with Blue Beetle to obtain a rare and secret artifact. Needless to say, their mission goes horribly, horribly wrong… Brought to you by writers Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis and artist Chris Batista, BOOSTER GOLD #35 hits tomorrow. [gallery link="file"]

Joey Cavalieri on ANIMAL MAN, THE MIGHTY -- and more

Do you have any idea what it’s like attempting to distinguish a new costumed hero comic in a field overrun with costumed hero comics? It keeps putting me in the mind of those painful auditions they used to hold in the pages of “Legion of Super Heroes.” Remember? “Sorry, making plants grow incredibly fast really isn’t much of a useful super power.” “You’ll see how useful it is when you forget Saturn Girl’s birthday and you need a dozen long-stemmed American Beauty roses in a hurry.” “She’ll know where I got them. Rejected.”


It’s a preview Monday! As we make any and all last-minute preparations for San Diego, we’ve got a nice collection of previews for you today. Next up is LAST DAYS OF ANIMAL MAN #3, from writer Gerry Conway and artist Chris Batista. And you don’t need to take it from me – scroll down and see for yourself – but it’s clear Batista is knocking it out of the park with this mini, spotlighting a possible future for Buddy Baker, aka Animal Man.


It's Friday. You're probably thinking about the weekend and hopefully enjoying some nice weather (it's surprisingly nice here at 1700 Broadway in the NYC). We have more good news for you: A preview of THE LAST DAYS OF ANIMAL MAN #1, by writer Gerry Conway and artist Chris Batista, featuring an amazing cover by the legendary Brian Bolland. You may recall his work on ANIMAL MAN. If not, shame on you.


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