SDCC 2013: DC Entertainment: All Access

This year, DC Comics, Vertigo and MAD Magazine will be taking Comic-Con programming by storm with well over a dozen distinctly exciting panel presentations. That's a lot to stay on top of, and even if you're at the show, chances are you're not going to catch them all. But never fear, we'll be bringing the panels to you as part of our Con Away From Con coverage, right here on

DC Entertainment: All Access

Thursday July 18, 2013 11:30am - 12:30pm (Room 6DE)

5.2 Reasons DCE is the Place to Be at SDCC

It’s that time again folks! No, we don’t mean that it’s time to sit directly in from of the A/C because it’s summer and just way too dang hot to wear pants (although, this is pretty true as well). We mean that it’s San Diego Comic-Con time! A wondrous time where nerds from all areas of pop culture—from movies and television to videos and of course comic books—unite to celebrate and share the love that comes with being a fan.

SDCC 2013: Infinite Crisis Cosplay Contest - How To Play

Cosplayer extraordinaire Chloe Dykstra (host of the Nerdist's JUST COS) introduces the DC Multiverse Cosplay Contest, presented by DC Comics, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Nerdist. Bring your favorite Infinite Crisis character to life, take an awesome photo and upload it to and you just may wind up winning an all expense paid trip to PAX Prime 2013.

Countdown to Comic-Con: SDCC is in Your Hands (Literally)

Over the past two days, we’ve discussed a few ways you can stay on top of all of the breaking DC Comics news and special features to come out of San Diego Comic-Con from the comfort of your home. But what if you’re going to the show? After all, with over two dozen DC Comics panels alone—to say nothing of the non-stop creator signings and cool stuff taking place in our booth (#1915)—it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

SDCC 2013 - DC Collectibles' Comic-Con Pack Out

We're on our way to San Diego Comic-Con, and the DC Collectibles crew will be there in full. What are some of the exciting new products they'll be bringing? Find out in this exclusive video as they prepare for the trip.

Countdown to Comic-Con: For Your Viewing Pleasure...

If you’re already familiar with our Con Away From Con convention coverage, you know that our exclusive videos featuring DC Comics talent and fans are always a big part of it. Some of these are official announcements—such as Neil Gaiman’s announcement last year that he’d be returning to the world of Sandman for a brand new miniseries. However, many more of these are exclusive “5.2 Question” interviews, “DC University” videos or Con Away From Con moments that you won’t see anywhere else.

Countdown to Comic-Con: Let's Hash Things Out

San Diego Comic-Con kicks off this week, and from the opening of the Preview Night showroom on Wednesday to the final announcement on Sunday evening, will be helping you stay on top of all the exciting DC Comics news through our Con Away From Con coverage. However, this year we’re giving you more opportunities to participate from home than ever before. Provided you’re on Twitter, that is.


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