Con Away From Con: DC at E3

This year, DC Comics fans can look forward to an unprecedented number of new videogames starring their favorite heroes and villains. From the dark, story-driven action of Batman: Arkham Origins to the team-based online combat of Infinite Crisis to the all-ages puzzle-solving of Scribblenauts Unmasked – A DC Comics Adventure, there’s a DC Comics game for all gamers, and every one of them will be on display at this week’s E3.

NYCC 2012: DC Comics: Batman - Death Comes to Gotham

The Night of the Owls may be over, but if anything, things are only getting darker for Gotham's guardians. Unfolding in the pages of nearly every Bat-title, "Death of the Family" promises to have Batman fans talking for least when they're not turning pages nervously, perched on the edge of their seat. The Joker has returned, and tragedy may once again be in store for Bruce Wayne and his friends and allies. But when will it strike, and to whom? The only thing we know for certain is that Gotham will never be the same.


NYCC 2012: DC Entertainment: Meet the Co-Publishers

As Co-Publishers of DC Entertainment, Jim Lee and Dan DiDio are the driving force behind the great comics and graphic novels coming out of DC today. In this always popular panel, the two leaders invite fans to share their questions, concerns and comments with them regarding DC Comics and the great characters we all know and love. If there are questions in the audience about DC COMICS - THE NEW 52, Before Watchmen, DC Digital, original graphic novels like Batman: Earth One or anything else, they're about to get answers.


NYCC 2012: Vertigo - Fables 10th Anniversary

Has it really been ten years since we were first introduced to Snow White, Bigby Wolf, Rose Red and all the residents of Fabletown? It has indeed, and what a journey it's been. Through more than 120 issues, numerous graphic novels, multiple Eisner Awards and a highly-acclaimed spin-off or two, the cast of Bill Willingham's beloved fantasy series have come to feel like good friends. Fortunately, while the years have brought changes to Fables, the one thing this comic book series hasn't done is slowed down.

NYCC 2012: DC Comics All Access: Before Watchmen

Powerful, smart and compelling, the seven miniseries that have comprised Before Watchmen have inspired praise, outrage, acclaim and all manner of conversation, and they're not over yet. Join us for an eye-opening discussion with a few of the men and women behind this powerhouse publishing event, and learn what's on the horizon, including the recently announced Before Watchmen: Moloch. You never know what to expect at a Before Watchmen panel, and if this one's anything like our previous panels, it'll likely have everyone talking afterwards. Just like Before Watchmen itself.


NYCC 2012: Vertigo: A View from the Cutting Edge of Comics

Bold. Imaginative. Unique. Sophisticated. Cutting Edge.


There are many words that can be used to describe Vertigo, the award-winning publisher of Fables, American Vampire, 100 Bullets and The Sandman. Soon to enter its 20th year of publishing, Vertigo remains as lively and unpredictable as it was at its inception. Whether you've been reading since the early days of Swamp Thing and Hellblazer, or have become a fan more recently through comics and graphic novels like Get Jiro! and Fairest, there's much to look forward to for Vertigo readers.


Welcome to Your 2012 NYCC Con Away From Con

For those who live in or near the Big Apple, or just find the energy of Manhattan to be more to their tastes than the heat and haze of San Diego, New York Comic-Con is the most exciting convention of the year. It's certainly promising to be one of the big ones if you're a DC fan. If you're spending your weekend at the Javitz Center, be sure to stop by our booth (#1238) for great giveaways, demonstrations and talent signings. We'll be making announcements, answering questions from fans and revealing some great DC Collectibles.

5.2 Reasons DC Entertainment is the Place to Be for SDCC

San Diego Comic-Con is upon us! It's a celebration of all things great—from comic books and movies to toys and video games and everything in between—but for comic fans especially, it's the chance to meet the makers, get access to exclusive items, and discover the latest news and announcements concerning your favorite heroes and titles. It's absolutely fan-tasmic! That's a word, right? That should be a word.



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