Paperback Spotlight – O.M.A.C. VOL. 1: OMACTIVATE

It’s hard to believe that we’re already almost one full year into DC COMICS-THE NEW 52. To celebrate this monumental anniversary, each day this week on THE SOURCE we’ve been spotlighting a different paperback collected edition being released this month. With the launch storylines of these critically acclaimed series collected for the first time in their entirety, it’s a great way for new readers to join the growing DC Universe. Today, we shed a spotlight on O.M.A.C. VOL. 1: OMACTIVATE.



Timed to the one year anniversary of the launch of the historic DC COMICS-THE NEW 52 initiative, DC Comics will introduce 0 month.


In September 2012, DC Comics will release 0 issues—and we don’t mean we aren’t publishing any titles—but what we will be doing is numbering every DC COMICS-THE NEW 52 title #0.


Everybody’s Talking About DCE’s News Coming Out of KAPOW!

As you know, DCE traveled to the UK this past weekend to attend KAPOW! to talk all things BEFORE WATCHMEN, DC COMICS-THE NEW 52 and Vertigo.


Well you may or may have not heard, but while there, DCE Co-Publisher Dan DiDio revealed that there will be a big, upcoming twist for a key DCE character coming soon. While that’s all we’ll be saying about the topic today, stay tuned for more news on this front in the very near future.



February 17-19, 2012

MegaCon officially kicks off today in Orlando, Florida, and there will be several DC Comics creators in attendance. DC Entertainment Co-Publisher Dan DiDio and Executive Editor Eddie Berganza will share behind-the-scenes insights at today’s DC ALL ACCESS panel, and will host another panel tomorrow to discuss DC COMICS-THE NEW 52. But that’s not all.


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