MTV GEEK sits down with DC Entertainment’s Co-Publishers, Jim Lee and Dan DiDio

During San Diego Comic Con, MTV GEEK sat down with DC Entertainment’s Co-Publishers Jim Lee and Dan DiDio to discuss DC Comics-The New 52. “What we really wanted to do is shake up the business,” said DiDio. “What we’re doing is launching 52 new titles and not only that, but it’s a brand new take, a brand new view and brand new ideal behind our characters. What we’re hoping to do is energize our fanbase, our existing fans and bring in new fans.”

The Stakes Raise For The Edge

In the second issues of the “Edge” group books, the odds are not in our protagonists’ favor. In DEATHSTROKE, MEN OF WAR and ALL-STAR WESTERN, new villains will be revealed. Grifter and Voodoo are on the run while Stormwatch, the Blackhawks, O.M.A.C. and the Suicide Squad must fight battles that’ll have grave consequences.

“Join The Party”

If you’ve already been to our main website today, you noticed our new page devoted to The New 52. Starting with the “Superman” family and going all the way through the “Young Justice” group, the page is a quick and easy visual guide to the 52 titles we will be publishing this fall beginning with Geoff Johns and Jim Lee's JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 on August 31st. Be sure to keep checking the page for updates throughout the summer.

The first interview about today’s “Young Justice” announcements

Gawker’s iO9 has the exclusive first interview with Co-Publishers Jim Lee and Dan DiDio about the “Young Justice” titles that were announced this morning. “When we have a book about teenagers, we want it to feel like it's a book about teenagers,” said DiDio. Head on over to iO9 for the full coverage, including details about how Jim Lee recruited artist Rob Liefeld for HAWK & DOVE.


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