Huh? What's the Weekly Wonder Woman Tally, you say? Well, glad you asked.

Not long ago, Dan DiDio mentioned the fan debate regarding Wonder Woman's upcoming "600th" issue. Lots of people have asked Dan to revert the book to it's original numbering to commemorate the event. Far from being a pushover, Dan said that if fan response -- in the form of postcards -- was strong enough, he'd consider it. And by strong, we mean "600 postcards" strong. Get it?

A few links of note for Monday

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Monday's winding down, and while there are still four more work days looming, let's take a glance at some of the notable bits in the press from the last few days:

It’s Sunday Conversation time

We’re entering the final lap here at Comic Con. The fans are running around to snatch up last-minute deals, the staffers are looking a little glazed over – but the energy in the convention center is still high.

And what better way to close out the con than a Sunday Conversation panel? Dan started these a few years back and the idea really stuck. I even had the pleasure of sitting on one of them way back when.


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