Dark Knight, White Lantern? Welcome to BRIGHTEST DAY #14

Deadman heads to Gotham to finally purge himself of the troublesome White Lantern ring – but is that really what the White Ring wants? As Batman and Deadman cross paths, things take a deadly turn, and the series blazes into its second half in a very special story from Johns and Tomasi lushly illustrated in full by the BLACKEST NIGHT creative team of Ivan Reis and Joe Prado. Every issue of this book has been can’t-miss, but make a point to hit your store today, folks, because this one in particular will tug at your heart strings.

BRIGHTEST DAY #14 hits today.

New questions arise and secrets revealed in BRIGHTEST DAY #8

Writers Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi continue to turn up the pressure on our heroes, as the Hawks face separate danger in Hawkworld. Who is Queen Shrike? And Miss Martian aids the Martian Manhunter in making a startling discovery. All this while more clues surrounding the mysterious White Lantern are hinted at. Plus, where’d Deadman and Dove go?

BRIGHTEST DAY #8 hits tomorrow.

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