Francesco Francavilla takes on COMMISSIONER GORDON co-feature

Earlier this week, we broke the news that Jock would be pairing with writer Scott Snyder this November to tackle the Dark Knight’s adventures in DETECTIVE COMICS. But there’s more to that book. Pairing with the main feature, Snyder will pen a COMMISSIONER GORDON co-feature, with artist Francesco Francavilla (WildStorm’s GARRISON) on art, and I’m going to step back and let Francesco’s jaw-dropping art speak for itself:

Jock joins Scott Snyder on DETECTIVE COMICS

A few weeks back, we unveiled half of the new DETECTIVE COMICS creative team. Namely, that AMERICAN VAMPIRE writer Scott Snyder would be stepping into the writer’s seat, handling both the main story and a Commissioner Gordon co-feature. And now we’re ready to break the news about the artist that will be paired with Snyder on the book.

Say hello to your new DETECTIVE COMICS artist: Jock.

A look at BATMAN in September

September marks the conclusion of BATMAN: THE RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE — but what does that mean for the Dark Knight? We’re not telling, but click below for a few clues.




Art and cover by TONY DANIEL

Celebrate 75 years of DC Comics on The Source

As most of you know by now, this year marks the 75th anniversary of DC Comics. Things are hitting a fever pitch here in the DCU, with BRIGHTEST DAY, THE FLASH, THE RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE and much more filling up this here space with regularity. And, based on your responses, you guys are looking forward to what’s coming down the pipeline.

And while – as always – we’re moving forward and pushing our characters in exciting, new directions, anniversaries are also a time to look back and remember what makes DC Comics great.

The inmates take over Arkham Asylum in DETECTIVE #864

You read that headline right, folks. Newly-announced AZRAEL writer David Hine kicks off "Beneath the Mask" in the pages of DETECTIVE COMICS. It's Black Mask vs. Jeremiah Arkham for control of the asylum. But what of the enigmatic Three Beauries, and how does Batman fit in? Everything teased in BATTLE FOR THE COWL: ARKHAM ASYLUM and ARKHAM REBORN comes to a head here, but the answers may drive you mad...

DETECTIVE COMICS #864 hits 4/28.

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The Eisner Awards honor the DC Universe

The Eisner Awards, considered by many to be "The Oscars" of comic book industry awards, unveiled their nominees for the 2010 ceremony today, honoring a number of key DCU titles and creators. The winners will be named at the San Diego Comic-Con International, the largest and oldest comic convention in the United States.

Let's check out the DCU nominees, shall we?



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