Who's the Fastest?

SUPERMAN #709 provides an exhilarating new twist on the classic question of who’s faster: Superman or Flash? Who will outrun the other and what the heck is that thing on Flash’s head that’s making him speak Kryptonian and recite the planet’s history? Written by J. Michael Straczynski and Chris Roberson, with artwork by Eddy Barrows & J.P. Mayer and a cover by John Cassaday, SUPERMAN #709 continues the Man of Steel’s “Grounded” storyline -- this time bringing Superman to the vast landscapes of Boulder, Colorado.

SUPERMAN Solicits for May

After all the excitement for REIGN OF DOOMSDAY we received after sharing Kenneth Rocafort’s awesome cover to ACTION COMICS #901, we know you’re anxious for more. Click below for this month’s Superman solicits: ac_cv901 ACTION COMICS #901 Written by PAUL CORNELL

Superman's new foe isn't from outer space

The "Grounded" storyline continues right here as Superman visits Mt. Prospect - a suburb just southeast of Chicago. In this issue, Superman discovers that there is a darkness even more immense than outer space... One buried deep inside the human heart. The first of the "Grounded" letter write-in destinations, this town was suggested by Annette Kowalczyk of Mt. Prospect, Illinois. Annette has lived in Mt. Prospect for 43 years, raising her three children (and now seven grandchildren) in the area. Thanks for being a Superman fan all these years!

Batman confronts the Man of Steel in SUPERMAN #703

Writer J. Michael Straczynski and artist Eddy Barrows continue to chronicle Superman’s story as he walks across America – bringing the Man of Steel closer to the people of his adopted planet than ever before. In this issue, Superman visits Cincinnati and its surrounding areas, while also featuring a special cameo from a certain Dark Knight, which we’ve spotlighted for you here. SUPERMAN #703 is out today. [gallery link="file"]

‘GROUNDED’ continues as Superman takes a walk through the Motor City

Superman’s historic walk across America continues in the pages of SUPERMAN #702, as the Man of Steel reaches Detroit, home of the auto industry and Motown. The issue, which touches upon not only the personal stories facing the city’s citizens but an unexpected threat from beyond, builds on the momentum J. Michael Straczynski and artist Eddy Barrows have been building since the monumental SUPERMAN #700, as our hero comes face-to-face with the pressures and issues the people of Detroit deal with daily. Here’s a first look at the issue, which hits 8/11. [gallery link="file"]

Superman's next destination

sm_701_dylux-31-copy After his initial stop in Philly, Superman heads to Detroit, the home of the auto industry and the music of Motown. Who will the Man of Steel cross paths with? What stories will be shared? That’s about a month away, folks. But swing by and pick up your copy of SUPERMAN #701, on sale today.


Superman’s journey begins with one step – and he’s taking it today. Starting with SUPERMAN #701, writer J. Michael Straczynski and artist Eddy Barrows begin a historic storyline in the pages of SUPERMAN, as the Man of Steel walks across America to not only reconnect with his adopted home, but the people that populate it. His first stop? Philadelphia. The birthplace of our nation. Join us as this epic – yet human and real – story takes off. You won’t want to miss a page. SUPERMAN #701 hits today. [gallery link="file"]


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