Win a Limited Edition Riddler Flash Drive

He’s one of the most brilliant and dangerous villains in Batman’s rogue’s gallery. He’s stolen millions of dollars in cash and valuables, and has collaborated with some of the most vicious criminals in Gotham, including Catwoman, Hush and the Joker. And now, we encourage you to trust him with your most important and sensitive information and files.

His brand new MIMOBOT flash drive, that is.

Superman Soars Over 4 Million

Earlier this week, we mentioned that Superman had gathered over 4 million likes on his official Facebook page. That’s an astonishing milestone, and we know that it could only have been possible with the support and love for the character fostered by all of you—the awesome Superman fans who have kept our favorite Kryptonian flying high for 75 years.

A FANtastic Moment...

Superman has defeated villains like Lex Luthor and Brainiac, survived his home planet’s destruction and kept ours safe from harm for over eighty years. Batman has defeated armies of undead assassins, kept some of the most destructive criminals in check and fought otherworldly threats alongside the Justice League—and he does all this without super powers.

And yet, neither of them could have achieved their most recent accomplishments on their own. They needed each and every one of you.


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