Toys, Toys, everywhere.

The Javits Center in New York City was bustling this week with some of the coolest and most unusual collectible action figures and statues at TOY FAIR. Among them, DC Direct displayed some the newest and most dynamic superhero statues. I saw Wonder Woman in her new costume, the DCU Online MMO figures, FLASHPOINT figures from the art of Andy Kubert, Harley Quinn from the new ARKHAM CITY series, the latest BATMAN BLACK and WHITE from the art of Cliff Chiang and, of course, the GREEN LANTERN statues and movie replicas.

Dan Jurgens returns to BOOSTER GOLD (and kicks off a Flashpoint prelude story!)

Writer/artist Dan Jurgens will return to the character he made a fan-favorite in BOOSTER GOLD #44, which'll serve as a lead-in to the much-anticipated Flashpoint event. See Rip Hunter's blackboard at the end of TIME MASTERS: VANISHING POINT #6? Then you know Booster's got his work cut out for him! Check out the cover to Jurgens' first issue below, chock full of Flashpoint clues.

This Just Happened: One Way or Another, These Things Come to Pass

WARNING: if you hate spoilers, stop reading now. Remember the scribblings on the blackboard in 52? Well, they're back and in a major way in the final pages of TIME MASTERS: VANISHING POINT issue 6, on sale today. How important might these mysterious scribblings be? They lead into the pages of BOOSTER GOLD issue 44... And a comic book we call FLASHPOINT issue 1. A look at the Blackboard is after the jump. This is your last chance to look away.


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