Frazer Irving on The Return of Bruce Wayne

[Note: To celebrate the release of BATMAN: THE RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE DELUXE EDITION – now available in comic shops and book stores everywhere – we’ve asked the artists on each chapter to give us a few words on what it was like to work with Grant Morrison to adapt one of the world’s greatest superheroes to different periods of history. Keep watching The Source throughout the day for more from these spectacular artists!]

THIS JUST HAPPENED: A startling revelation concludes Grant Morrison’s run on BATMAN AND ROBIN


First off – have you read BATMAN AND ROBIN #16? If not, take a moment, step away from your computer (how often will I tell you to do that, huh?) and head to your local shop. Pick up the issue, read it and come back.

All done?

How about that last scene? Brings new meaning to the term “This Just Happened.”


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