Five Tips: Free Comic Book Day 2012

Free Comic Book Day is only two days away, and to help you prepare for it, we reached out to some of our favorite retailers via Twitter and the Web to see if they had any helpful tips. Whether you’re new to FCBD or a seasoned pro, we hope you’ll find them helpful!

“Get to your FCBD Shop early for the best selection!”

All Things Fun! (@allthingsfun)
West Berlin, NJ


“Don't ask if all of the books are free.”

Five Reasons: Free Comic Book Day 2012

This Saturday is Free Comic Book Day, and we’re counting it down here at What makes this year’s FCBD so special? Well, we could never think to sum everything up in one little paragraph. But maybe if you gave us five…


#1 – New Faces


We recently announced the contents of DC COMICS-THE NEW 52 FCBD EDITION, but now we’ve got another detail to make it that much harder to wait until May. At ComicsPro in Dallas, TX, it was today announced that the special Free Comic Book Day issue would feature a spectacular four-page JUSTICE LEAGUE gatefold spread by legendary artist Jim Lee. The illustration will accompany a new story by New York Times bestselling writer Geoff Johns.


This May, the Eisner Award-winning creative team of the NEW YORK TIMES bestselling TINY TITANS, Art Baltazar and Franco, will continue bringing their wonderful and unique humor to DC Comics with the new ongoing monthly series, SUPERMAN FAMILY ADVENTURES. The series will be starring (you guessed it!) the whole Superman gang – Superman, Supergirl, Superboy, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Lex Luthor, Bizarro, General Zod and … Fuzzy the Krypto Mouse!


DC Comics Free Comic Book Day for 2012

Every year the comic book industry celebrates Free Comic Book Day on the first Saturday of May. It’s a fantastic day for professionals, creators, retailers and fans to come together to celebrate our passion and enthusiasm for comic books out into the world at large.

In 2011, DC COMICS—THE NEW 52 took the industry by storm! Now get an exclusive look at what’s happening in 2012.

Written and illustrated by the today’s top creators, DC COMICS-THE NEW 52 FCBD EDITION will give you a first look at the hottest new comics of 2012.

The DC COMICS-THE NEW 52 T-Shirt for Free Comic Book Day 2012

Diamond announced today that next year's Free Comic Book Day t-shirt will feature DC COMICS-THE NEW 52. Oh and Jim Lee has agreed to do the art for the custom shirt. Last year's shirt with art by Darwyn Cooke was pretty amazing. What will Jim cook up?

May is still a long way off and we don't have the design to share just yet, so everybody who loves free comic books (and t-shirts) should keep checking THE SOURCE for updates.

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY Special Edition: GREEN LANTERN the essentials

If you’re celebrating Free Comic Book Day today, you probably picked up a copy of the GREEN LANTERN Special Edition.

As you know, the Green Lantern mythology is built on a vast and fascinating cast of characters, concepts, and alien worlds. And whether you’re a longtime fan of the characters, are relatively new to them, or are just excited to see the movie, there are lots of exciting details to be familiar with.


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