Things are getting brutal for the SECRET SIX

Not reading SECRET SIX? Shame on you. Not only did AIN'T IT COOL NEWS just give the latest issue a sterling review, but writer Gail Simone and artist Nicola Scott are really pulling out all the stops on the series. #10 features the Six being blackmailed by someone claiming to be their old boss, Mockingbird, into a brand-new mission, which takes them into the heart of the metahuman slave trade. Check out some pages below.

SECRET SIX #10 hits 6/3.

It's a Battle for the Cowl in SECRET SIX #9

What happens when two members of the Secret Six feel they should get a shot at replacing Batman? Even better, the team heads to Gotham with the semi-delusional Ragdoll determined to be the new Boy Wonder. Not surprisingly, people in Gotham City have other plans. Some of which you can see in this here preview, courtesy of writer Gail Simone and artist Nicola Scott.

SECRET SIX #9 hits 5/13.

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